• 2020-2021 

    Winter Futsal

    We are the ONLY Independent Futsal academy program in Lancaster County.

  • FUTSAL 101

    “Futsal was a crucial part of my development in preparing me for the college game”

    Mark Battle, Instructor and former futsal program participant.

    What is Futsal?

    Small-Sided Soccer

    Futsal is small-sided soccer played between two teams of five players each, one of whom is the goalkeeper. Unlimited substitutions are permitted. Unlike some other forms of indoor football, the game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines (such as a basketball court); walls or boards are not used.

    Why Futsal?

    Preparing Players for Success

    Simply put, Futsal is the best way to develop the skills necessary to be successful in full field soccer. Many of the top soccer players in the world cultivated their skills through futsal programs.

  • 2020-2021 Winter Futsal Program

    2 Weekly Training Sessions

    Tuesdays and Thursdays

    Players train for 2 85-Minute sessions each week. The Futsal season is approximately 8 weeks in January and February.

    Registration Cost*

    2 Registration Options - Standard / Sponsor

    The Standard Registration for Winter Futsal is $120 per student. This covers all training and coaching.


    For those who are able, the Sponsor Registration of $180 covers training and coaching for your student and provides a scholarship for those in need of financial assistance.


    *A portion of all registrations goes into a scholarship fund that allows local youth to attend summer camps and other programs.


    Every 85-Minute Training Session Focuses on 3 Things


    Technical Skills

    To develop technical skills, players are guaranteed at least 1000 touches on a ball per session.


    Agility & Speed

    Players will be challenged through fun, but effective workouts that increase their overall fitness.


    Game Play

    Players will have the chance to apply their training by competing in real small-sided games every session.


    Meet Our 2020-2021 Winter Futsal Academy Instructors

    Jacob Marino

    Director of Coaching

    • Coaching youth soccer for 10 years
    • Licensed coach with both USSF & NSCAA
    • Head Coach at Penn Manor
    • Club Coach at Penn Legacy

    Mark Battle


    • Penn Manor Grad / LL League All-Star
    • 4 year Varsity player
    • Played Division 1 at University of Delaware
    • Licensed coach with the USSF
    • Came up through the Academy

    Process Futsal Academy Sessions are Held at the Grace UMC Gymnasium in Millersville.


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